WJK provides full-service project management for your institutional builds and remodels – both large and small.

With sometimes oppressive limits on time and budget and the jungle of regulatory requirements governing any school project, WJK will oversee the entire process, driving your project to completion and steering it clear of scheduling potholes and budget-busting snafus. WJK has worked on Sky Ridge Elementary, Rocklin High School, Napa CDF Station, and Camino CDF Station.

WJK will serve as your:

  • Collaborative Management Consultant – Understanding your needs to deliver the project you expect.
  • Facilities Support  – performing the function or supporting your Facilities Department throughout the project.
  • Liaison with State agencies including the California Division of State Architects (DSA) – ensuring complete understanding of all aspects of your project.
  • Forward-looking Watchman – anticipating upcoming activities to support budget savings.
  • Construction Inspection Coordinator – ensuring the District is fully protected with thorough examination at every stage.
  • Collaborative Problem Solver – bringing a wealth of experience to find the way to viable solutions and successful outcomes.