Who Is Bill Kavanagh?

Bill Kavanagh, owner and President of WJK, has been a licensed contractor since 1981, and in construction since before 1974. Throughout the years, during the changes that occurred to his business, family, and community, Bill has maintained a sense of integrity in all of his projects. His “Back to the Basics” attitude and code of honesty, dependability and professionalism are attested by the fact that most former clients are now current friends of the Kavanaghs.

Does WJK Build Homes?

Bill has built numerous homes in the Bay Area and Placer County in his 35+ year career. He has enjoyed his long career in residential remodels and new builds. Bill is now moving away from the labor aspect and moving full-time into consulting. It is this experience and knowledge that enables him to advise and guide you on every aspect of completing your home construction project.

How Will Using WJK Benefit Me?

Simple, he has a complete understanding of the building process, Bill is able to guide you through many hundreds of choices that must be made when building or renovating a home. He will identify and resolve permitting and fee regulations ahead of time to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Is There A Job Too Big, Or Too Small For WJK?

No. WJK works with clients who are planning a simple addition as well as clients who are building large estates. Service offerings will be tailored to meet your specific needs. WJK will work with you for as long as it takes to provide the appropriate guidance for your project, whether that means one hour or hundreds, it makes no difference to us. Each project will get the same attention to detail no matter the size.

Can WJK Help With Permitting Issues?

Yes. WJK specializes in working through the potential maze of permitting issues and can work with you to ensure the submission of proper documentation and applications.

What Are Your Fees For Your Services?

A fixed fee can be estimated for each service selected or an overall hourly rate of $100.00 is an option.


Do You Have An Example Of Your Consulting Agreements?

Yes. You can view a sample of our consulting agreements below.

Have more questions?

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