Trying to manage your home-building project on your own?

We exist to build prestigious residential environments where families can thrive and make memories.

Building a custom home or adding on to your current home can easily make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. There are so many decisions, so many deadlines, and so many unexpected costs.

Nothing is worse than a day passing without any progress toward the home of your dreams. Your goal is to have everything come together on time and on budget.

To minimize stress and costly delays, put Bill Kavanagh of WJK on your team. He will help you get the construction process under control, monitor quality, and keep your project on schedule and on budget.

If you’re planning a personal residential construction project in or around Placer County, and you seek expert guidance, call WJK today at (530) 887-8734.

35 years

Remove the guess work.

For more than 35 years we have specialized in all phases of residential construction, including remodeling, repairs and custom home development.

Hiring WJK can keep your job on track while using our expertise to save you thousands of dollars and headache.

Our main goal is to help you take the guess work out of building your dream home.

Get detailed reports that keep you informed.

Your Dream Home project is thrilling and will likely dominate your thoughts throughout the project. It can also add to the stress in your life when you don’t know the ropes or just have a hard time getting updates on the status.

As your project expert, we take the guesswork and worry out of the equation. Our customers depend on us to stay on top of every aspect of construction and regularly report to you on progress. Our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reporting will keep you fully up to date, and it can be customized to meet your individual needs.

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